The Flowers of War

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An epic story, as real as it is heart-breaking.

The Oscar-winning Chinese director Zhang Yimou can't seem to do things on a small scale, and with The Flowers of War (as you can see in the beautiful wallpaper of the film that's offered to you as a free download) he has pulled out all the stops, turning this historical drama based on a real event which took place during the war between China and Japan, to make the most expensive film in the history of China.

With big stars, both Western (Christian Bale, Paul Schneider) and eastern (Higeo Kobayashi, Atsuro Watabe, Xinyi Zhang), in the main roles, The Flowers of War focuses on the story of John Miller (Bale), a young priest who arrives in Nanjing to care for the burial of a former priest of a small church.

A Church that will soon become a place of refuge from the horrors of war, first against John's wishes and then with his complicity, when a group of students, who'll join several prostitutes, seek a hiding place from the abuses of the enemy Japanese soldiers. John, the only adult male in the mission throughout the story of The Flowers of War, soon discovers the meaning of sacrifice and honour, as he battles his faith.


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